Tourism in Lancaster County

For National Tourism Day 2019, two of our filmmakers wanted to show off our home of Lancaster, Pennsylvania and all of the local attractions in the area that bring in tourists. We traveled to different towns in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to get some shots of popular tourism destinations. First, we took a trip to the quaint Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse, PA; drove along Route 30 through Paradise and Bird-In-Hand to catch some popular Amish attractions, and finished in Lancaster City to get some footage of Central Market and people enjoying the city. Although we couldn’t show everything Lancaster has to offer in a short 60-second video, this should be enough to entice tourists looking to visit Amish Country!

We filmed this using our Sony A7Riii and used Adobe Premiere Pro 2019 to edit our footage. You can watch our short video of Lancaster Below!

Travis Detweiler