Get unprecedented visibility into your team’s current skills

Uncover brilliance within your organization

With advanced skills analytics, you can see the strengths and weaknesses of your team with unmatched clarity. Individual and topic-level insights help you find opportunities for growth, discover hidden talent and put the right people on the right projects.

Insights you need to lead

View individual skill levels

Skill shouldn’t be subjective. View quantified skill levels for individuals across your entire organization, so you can identify top performers and help others close the gap.

See a distribution of skills by topic

Preparing for a new project? Check out your team’s distribution of skills by topic. This view helps you quickly identify knowledge gaps and prioritize team learning.

Dive deeper into topic insights

Within any given skill, there’s range of expertise. Easily sort topics by average skill rating, skill level, upper and lower ranges, and number of questions answered to see where your team stands.

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