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March 9, 2018
58m 10s

Implementing a plan to ensure only authorized users access your Office 365 and on-premises content is important for the safety of your company information, but can cause issues for your users. In this course, Implementing and Managing Federated Identities for SSO, you’ll explore how to provide users access to content in Office 365 and on-premises using a secure authentication method, while avoiding the need for them to provide credentials multiple times. This configuration requires the use of Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS), which implements single sign-on (SSO) to provide users access to on-premises and O365 content after signing on just once. First, you’ll learn about the planning, hardware, and software requirements of AD FS, along with the steps necessary to install it. Then, you'll discover which installation method you should choose based on your authentication requirements, number of accounts, and number of AD FS servers. Next, you’ll explore the steps and tools needed to prepare your on-premises Active Directory configuration for the AD FS integration. Finally, after installing AD FS and the AD FS Proxy servers, you’ll examine the steps necessary to configure and manage them to ensure successful SSO for your users. By the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of how to ensure your company's information remains secure, while keeping the sign-on process as simple as possible.

About the author
About the author

Brian Alderman is a Microsoft MVP, and has his Master's in Computer Information Systems. Since 1995, he has held several Microsoft certifications that currently include; MCT, MCSE for SharePoint, MCSA for Office 365, MCITP for SQL Server(R), MCSA and MCSE for Windows Server(R), and also his PMP certification. Brian's publications include SQL Server 2000 Administration, SharePoint 2010 Administrator's Companion and Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Administration Inside Out, and he is an active speaker at SharePoint Industry conferences including SharePoint Saturday's, SPLive, DevIntersection, SharePoint Fest, and Microsoft Ignite.

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Hi everyone, my name is Brian Alderman and welcome to my course, Implementing and Managing Federated Identities for SSO

I am a Microsoft MVP, MCT, Author, International Conference Speaker, and Consultant for my company called MicroTechPoint

Providing users access to content stored in Office 365 and on-premises is not an unusual deployment. In this course you are going to discover how to minimize the burden on your users when accessing their content regardless of where it is stored. With the implementation of AD FS Active Directory Federation Services, you can configure SSO or Single Sign-On between on-premises AD, and Office 365’s Azure AD. With SSO your users, will be able to quickly access their content regardless of where it is stored, without another prompt for their credential. This course will provide an understanding of the SSO, and the steps necessary to prepare for, install, and configure AD FS for use with SSO.

Some of the major topics that we will cover include:

  • Planning considerations for on-premises Active Directory for use with AD FS
  • AD FS requirements and installation steps
  • Basic document operations
  • Configuring AD FS and AD FS proxy servers

By the end of this course you’ll know how to prepare your on-premises AD deployment for AD FS integration. You’ll also learn the AD FS requirements, components, and installation steps along with how you can configure both AD FS and AD FS proxy servers.

Before beginning the course you should be familiar with Office 365, and have an Office 365 tenant and a public-facing on-premises AD DC that you can use to perform these Office 365 configuration steps as you learn them. In addition, an understanding of PowerShell will be helpful.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey to learn about Active Directory Federation Services with the Implementing and Managing Federated Identities for SSO course, at Pluralsight.