an be satisfactorily found suitable Their power law, soaring Once upon a time. But it is suffering Yao Chen before several generations of disciples, due to nearly a thousand years, the Earth aura reduction, as wel. l as self cultivation sector IASSC Certification of the battle and talent withered, before the power law all of a sudden a lot less, especially in recent centuries , Almost can not find any good exercises. Since more than 500 years ago, refining the heart of the 56th suzerain robbery defeat failed fly ash annihilation, refining heart cases were starting to go down the road of decline, 450 years Lean Six Sigma Green Belt it exam ago, the 57th generation sovereign in the fast fit body strength even besieged And death. After refining the heart were no one to reach the Yuan Ying period, and even to the saver period only one person, in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt the more than 200 years ago, Mo missing, it is estimated that the old dead. The Yao Chen master, the first 61 generations of sovereign is in the fast 90 years of age to break through the entry period to the opening p. eriod, but his master is really cruel, just with only the opening period of cultivation, stays to more than 150 years of age, until Yao Chen and took him to find entry, only a few years later died. Sitting in the heart of the hole inside the Yutu, Yao Chen began to contemplate, before that he has completed the transfer of sovereign ceremony, anyway,

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